About Us


“FALCHA” is a Sydney based Nepali Restaurant ran by a team of young Nepali entrepreneurs set out on the mission of providing authentic Nepalese cuisine in Australia that feels like home. The focus of FALCHA is to offer authentic Nepalese food combined with a cosy environment for you and your family, a hangout area for you and your friends, and a place for a solo hangout. We take great pride in our wide variety of dishes that combine different herbs and spices to create flavours and fragrances that are unique and varied. Our amiable team members are committed to giving top-notch customer service. We provide a variety of Nepal’s most well-known dishes at FALCHA that will suit any palate. Some are delicate and moderate, while others are spicily hot. There are traditional Nepali foods from the valleys of Nepal as well as FALCHA’s own Specials. You might like to try “Khaja set”, a popular Nepali snack set, or Momo, the nationally renowned steamed dumplings. For a more authentic feel, try our Nepali Thali set – a magnificent platter that has a little bit of everything. If you like spicy, perhaps you’d love our “Darlaagdo chicken wings”. At FALCHA, There’s something for everyone.

Why Falcha?


In Newari, “FALCHA” refers to customary resting area that also functions as a location for gatherings, events, and celebrations. In historic Newar cities, falcha are frequently seen. In the Basantapur Durbar Square, Kasthamandap is one of the most well-known falchas. Like the chautara located in the mountainous region, the common concept behind a falcha is to provide a resting place for the weary. In essence, they serve as rest areas. Falchas offered accommodation services to the pilgrims during a time when guest rooms or hotels were unheard of, and they did it for free. Perhaps this explains why falchas are typically located close to a water source, such as a dhungedhara or sundhara, where guests can easily acquire water. However, its use and significance go beyond the community of Newari’s noble civility. In any society, culture, community, tradition, and religion are profoundly ingrained and intertwined; it would be nearly difficult for one to exist without the other. The epitome of that lovely, ethereal combination is Falcha.

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